(BUELLTON-011212) Email sent to Buellton City Council regarding possible action on Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan:

I have reviewed more of the Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan getting half-way without its amendments.

"First off, I have nothing against bicyclists. However, what is being framed as a 1-year effort shows me how things are accomplished without total stakeholder participation, and then later the refusal to accept any responsibility for trucking accidents. I have not reviewed the California Bicycle Transportation Act, or US Department of Transportation Policy on Integrating Bicycling & Walking in Transportation Infrastructure, but there should be something for truckers rather than just truck stops, or rest areas. Rest areas are often occupied by truckers and stopping on the side of the road has no restaurants, hotels, or restrooms. If a truckers needs to use the restroom it gets flagged for closure. Truckers are often not included in policy debates, especially while they are driving / working transporting clothes, food and products that you all enjoy.


As I have stated before, McMurray Road is a model. It is a model for bicycling, and truckers. Truckers have the ability to park, check system maintenance, rest at hotels, eat at restaurants, while contributing to the local economy.

The 10 workbook responses from your stakeholder or focus group had a 'Truck Parking Hazard.' It is not a Truck Parking Hazard. What is a hazard? Cars occupying truck parking at rest areas, no restaurants or restrooms at the side of the road, driving and maintaining focus, while cars are in your blind spots, cities making it difficult to make deliveries, park, eat or rest.

Another response indicated creating 'Share the Road' information and signage. However, sharing the road is not the perfect answer as truckers have to eat just like anyone else, or go to the restroom just like anyone else, or sleep. Plus, wear and tear of tires is a hazard as I have witnessed more than a couple times. The yellow sign at the Santa Rosa Road on-ramp is a false indicator / misleading to some, when two tire blow-outs after the Avenue of Flags or last exit occurred. One occurrence, the truck caught on fire with its tires blowing out, both could have been saved if they thought they could stop in Buellton, check system maintenance.

The solution where truckers and bicyclists can live together is shown in Class II Figure 1003.2A Typical Bike Lane Cross Sections (on 2-lane or Multilane Highways) under (1) Marked Parking, and (2) Parking Permitted without Marked Parking or Stall. This parallels with my initial email to Rose Hess, City Engineer back on 09/09/10 where it said: The bike lane along McMurray Road is a great model that accommodates truck parking.

The hazard increases where parking is prohibited, bike lanes taking the place of parking, cars occupying parking, and truckers having to fend for themselves."

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