(SANTA BARBARA COUNTY-031413) The Issue of Life / Liberty, Fair & Equal Justice, as well as, Due Process have entered the national issue of gun violence. The White House has made gun violence Executive Orders, which includes mental health and proper law enforcement training.

Proper law enforcement training is vital because too many lives have been taken without fair and equal justice, or even due process. In fact, district attorneys are justifying police-involved shootings, while chiefs of police are publicizing split-second decisions.

There are plenty of examples.

Performing an internet search of news articles relating to law enforcement training revealed a few police departments that have begun to implement active shooter training. However, a common theme was to “eliminate the treat,” rather than bring the person to justice via a jury trial. Active shooters on a massive amount of people is an extreme case, but what if someone is fighting for their constitutional rights not planning to kill anyone?

In Santa Barbara County alone there have been ten officer-involved shootings / killings within a year under the authority of Sheriff Brown. No helicopters were used in any of those shootings to transport the victim, but rather left to die. His response was to give awards and say he is proud of them.

Ever since the honorable officer Albert Covarrubias, Jr was killed January 2012 by officer Kline over a constitutional argument—killings have not stopped. Many are saying Covarrubias was a peacemaker, which women admired. The story of Covarrubias is tragic as he states he was setup by intelligence or a lookalike. Evidence reveals Covarrubias always wanted to be a police officer, enjoyed helping others, and stood up for constitutional rights.

Research shows police departments recordings can effect the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Uniform Crime Report (UCR) statistics due to internal definitions of crimes. For example, trespass as burglary, or assault as rape—explaining jurisdictional differences (Siegel).

The same year, women rights groups fought for a ballot initiative during an election year, which was very political—making an example out of the peacemaker—political terrorism (Siegel).

Research shows rape tends to occur in WARMER temperatures, while homicides in uncomfortable weather (Siegel).

Where is the protein P-30 and follicles? (Ogle).

Covarrubias helped the female police explorer—now nineteen—who came from a broken home (Siegel).

There is one police chief who is using a Christian degree to validate split-second killings in Santa Barbara County. This Christian university website says it sets the highest standards of Christian values.

What ever happened to Thou Shall Not Kill?

There is no equality in split-second decisions and justifications—nor pursuit of happiness.

Split-second decisions can kill someone who legally has a gun permit.

The position of The Vatican on gun violence and killing is ultimate inhumanity as cruel and degrading when left to the State is found to be arbitrary, as well as, discriminatory (Catholic).

White House Executive Order on Gun Safety signed by the president, states:

“#12: Provide law enforcement, first responders, and school officials with proper training for active shooter situations” (Ungar).

One of the defining reasons active shooters are not brought to justice by arrest / jury trial is because law enforcement use the head / heart as their target practice.

The Buddhist Peace Fellowship states capital punishment fails in deterring "violence and murder" only to nourish it--seeing no way around sentencing death. The Buddhist Peace Fellowship is considered an opponent of capital punishment.

Law enforcement curriculum should include first responder training of CPR certification, especially since they are a first responder—rather than merely saying the suspect died from life threatening wounds.

The United Nations has been fighting for no immunity, and it is our position that the State uphold it rather than allow state-sponsored terrorism to remain through justifications.


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